Sports Medicine

Meet Our Team

Our comprehensive sports medicine program uses an interdisciplinary approach in evaluating, diagnosing and treating young athletes, with an emphasis on educating patients and their families on the importance of wellness and injury prevention. Our board-certified sports medicine doctors work collaboratively with orthopedic surgeons, a pediatric and musculoskeletal fellowship-trained radiologist, sports-focused physical therapists and dietitians, as well as with other Texas Children's Hospital sub-specialists when needed.

All sports injuries can be seen by either a primary care sport medicine physician or sports medicine orthopedic surgeon. Those conditions that are likely to require surgery should start with our sports-focused orthopedic surgeons and those unlikely to need surgery should start with the primary care sport medicine physician. We also have dedicated physical therapists teach patients rehabilitation techniques and strengthening exercises that can be practiced at home. If you are unclear who to call, please call 832-22-SPORT (227-7678) to discuss your situation with our triage team who is trained in knowing which physician would be best for your child's condition.