Duncan NRI Innovation

Duncan NRI investigators are not only world-leaders in fundamental scientific research and discoveries but are also at the forefront of developing transformative new technologies and computational tools that have significantly accelerated the pace of scientific advancements and path to novel treatments for patients and families. Our tremendous success in translating basic discoveries is due to our: 

  • Unparalleled culture of collaboration: We have a mutli-disciplinary team of scientists, each a leader in their field. At Duncan NRI, all of these investigators with diverse training and expertise work collaboratively and collectively to solve medical mysteries.
  • Excellence in genetics research: With nearly 10% of neurological disease-related genes identified at the Duncan NRI, we are a pre-eminent destination for identifying and studying complex genetic disorders.
  • Affiliation with the largest pediatric hospital in the U.S: Texas Children's Hospital sees 300,000 patients annually which offers our investigators unrivaled opportunity to translate new discoveries into viable treatments.
  • Pioneering approach and discoveries in mental health conditions: With a unique approach of focusing on the most severe pediatric patients, our investigators have made many important discoveries in bipolar disorder, depression, addiction, eating disorders and many more.


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