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Request a Second Opinion at Texas Children's

At Texas Children's, we understand the importance of certainty and confidence in your child's healthcare journey. That's why our experienced team of providers are available to consult and provide second opinions on care plans, so you have all you need to make informed decisions.

Our Specialties 

Many specialties at Texas Children's offer second opinions. Don't see a specialty on this page? Contact us for more information.

Why Consider a Second Opinion?

Confirmation of Diagnosis. A second opinion can confirm the initial diagnosis, giving you confidence in your child's treatment plan.

Exploration of Treatment Options. We can provide alternative treatment options or additional interventions that may be available.

Expertise in Rare Conditions. Our specialists have extensive experience in treating rare and complex conditions, offering insights that can be critical to your child's care.

Peace of Mind. Ultimately, a second opinion gives you the assurance that you have explored all avenues for your child's treatment.