About Us Texas Children's Strategic Plan

Leading in Patient Care, Education and Research

Texas Children’s mission is to create a healthier future for children and women throughout our global community by leading in patient care, education and research.

Our Strategic Path Forward

Our strategic plan aims to establish Texas Children’s as the system of choice for children, women, faculty and staff, and become the undisputed global leader in pediatric and women’s health.

Our strategic imperatives – Customer Obsession and Financial Stewardship – together create a sturdy foundation from which we will continue to grow strategically in some areas and thoughtfully contract in others.

We know that exceeding the expectations of our patients, families and team members requires us to remain nimble and swiftly adapt to our ever-changing environment. This is why the primary theme throughout all of our efforts is to Think Differently and Lead Differently.

See what the Future Holds for Texas Children’s

“I am honored to share with you Texas Children’s Strategic Plan where you will learn about what makes our organization unique and what has driven and cemented our strong foundation.”

Mark A. Wallace 
CEO, Texas Children's

Our Commitment to the Future


When Texas Children’s opened its doors in 1954, our founders, J.S. Abercrombie, Leopold L. Meyer and Russell J. Blattner, MD, envisioned a hospital that would serve all children and give them the hope of a healthy future.

Not only have we kept this great vision alive, we have expanded it far beyond what we could have ever imagined.

And now, we will move forward as a team, hand in hand with our growing community. We will commit to transformation and evolution. We can and will execute our strategic imperatives and continue to uphold every aspect of our Mission.