Health Professionals Education and Training


Texas Children’s is committed to providing the highest level of patient care by offering outstanding interprofessional development opportunities to our medical personnel. These opportunities in pediatrics and pediatric specialties are a joint effort of Texas Children’s – the largest pediatric hospital in the U.S. – and Baylor College of Medicine, our highly ranked academic partner that is home to one of the largest, most diverse and successful pediatric programs in the nation.

Our patient-centered education supports lifelong inquiry and growth, ensuring that our practitioners are caregivers of the highest measure. Texas Children’s professional development offerings include the following:

Our affiliation with Baylor College of Medicine offers symposia, programs, meetings and other types of gatherings, both in person and virtual. These opportunities for advancement cover a wide spectrum of pediatric medicine topics.

Residents and fellows in our medical education programs develop skills and knowledge necessary to become an excellent pediatric practitioner. These programs are an integral part of Texas Children’s and Baylor College of Medicine’s approach to patient care and to the resulting top overall and specialty rankings we receive. 

Our continuing medical education courses are designed to give practitioners expertise in health care trends and technological advances in pediatric medicine. 

Our expert physicians update their physician colleagues, residents and fellows about the advances and emerging trends in pediatric medicine and their application to improved patient care. 

Nursing Professional Development at Texas Children’s provides nurses and interprofessional clinical staff with continuing education that empowers them to continually improve individual, team and organizational development and patient outcomes.

Texas Children’s offers students learning experiences for those currently enrolled in a program of an accredited school for physician assistant – certified (PA-C). The mission of the Texas Children’s Hospital Integrated Delivery System (IDS) is to create a healthier future for children’s and women throughout our global community by leading in patient care, education and research. Texas Children's Hospital supports this mission through programs and partnerships with schools from local, state and international levels. Nursing Professional Development (NPD) has established a centralized process for academic and clinical placements at Texas Children's Hospital. This will include Texas Children's Hospital and Non-Texas Children's Hospital employees.

Simulation Center

The Simulation Center at Texas Children’s Hospital trains pediatric health care professionals to react and respond to high-risk pediatric and obstetric scenarios in a life-like simulated environment so that risk to patients is substantially lowered in real life situations.