Heart Center

Second Opinion Program

Recently diagnosed? We can help

For those with a diagnosed cardiac condition and questions about Texas Children’s Hospital’s approach to treatment, the Heart Center offers a Second Opinion program. The program covers all congenital cardiac subspecialties, from the simple to most complex cardiac surgical lesions, and will provide a prompt review of clinical information and personalized recommendations. 

For providers

If you’re a cardiac specialist seeking a comprehensive second opinion on a case, call 832-822-7335 to get started or complete a referral to Texas Children’s Hospital Heart Center and select “Second Opinion.” 
The dedicated Texas Children’s Heart Center Second Opinion team will complete a thorough review of all available clinical information, imaging and lab testing. Recommendations will include references to pertinent current literature and detail potential confounding factors to be considered in the management of each patient.

For patients and families

If you’re a patient or guardian seeking a second opinion on a child at home or in the hospital, in Texas, call 832-822-7335 to get started or 832-824-3278 to initiate scheduling an appointment with one of our specialists. 
If you’re located outside Texas, we’d be happy to see you at one of our care locations or to coordinate with your cardiac specialist to provide a second opinion.