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<p>Safety and Outcomes</p>

At Texas Children’s Hospital, we know you have a choice in the health care providers and consider it a privilege to be entrusted with your child’s care. We are committed to providing high-quality, compassionate care in an environment that is safe for our patients and families.

Because quality, safety and optimal health outcomes are top priorities at Texas Children’s, we closely monitor and track data that helps us learn how we are doing as a health care system. Health outcomes are the end result of medical care – or how a patient is doing that the end of treatment. This includes whether a health issue gets better or worse, the costs of care, and how satisfied patients and families are with the care received.  Tracking this information allows us to evaluate our performance and continuously work to make improvements.

We believe patients and families are our partners in care and that sharing complete and accurate quality and safety data with you is important. We want you to feel comfortable and empowered to ask us questions. Our transparency helps keep you informed so that you can choose the best care for your child- and helps us stay focused, as we continuously strive for excellence.

The information on this webpage is organized by nationally recognized categories of quality and safety aims for health care organizations.

When possible, we show how the data collected from Texas Children’s compares to others children's hospitals in the United States. In areas that equivalent comparison is not possible, we show how we compare to our own performance in the past, and how we measure up to our own goals and high standards.

Below is information on our performance from areas of our quality and safety aims. We believe collaborating with patients and families is essential to our quality and safety improvement work. We invite you to look at the data from priority areas of our aims and welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

Keeping Our Patients Safe

Washing our hands and preventing infections are two examples of ways we work to keep you’re your child safe.

Supporting Health and Wellness

Our goal is to provide the most advanced care available in a safe and restorative environment for optimal outcomes. 

Providing Service Based on Respect 

We aim to provide excellent service that is centered on your child’s unique needs to help ensure a positive experience throughout your family’s healthcare journey. Getting feedback about your experience at Texas Children’s and how quickly we respond to your concerns, are two ways we work to ensure that we are providing care based on trust and respect.

Ensuring Prompt Access to Care

When your child needs to see a doctor, we understand long wait time can be stressful. Respecting your valuable time, and ensuring your child is seen promptly, is important to us. 

Coordinating Your Child's Care

Working as a team to make sure that your child’s care is seamless from referral to discharge is important to us. 

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