Patients and Families Surgical Site Infections

What is a surgical site infection?

Most patients at Texas Children's Hospital who have surgery do well, but sometimes patients develop surgical wound infections at the site of the surgery. We have safe processes in place that reduce the risk of infection. Our goal is for no child to encounter a surgical site infection.

What does surgical site infection (SSI) measure?

The number of surgical cases per 100 trips to the operating room where a patient developed an infection following surgery.

What can you do as a parent or caregiver?

Make sure your everyone, including members of the healthcare team, has clean hands before examining your child’s surgical site. We encourage you to speak up if you notice someone has not washed their hands. Do not let family and friends touch the surgical wound or dressing. Notify the healthcare team immediately of any symptoms of an infection, such as redness or pain at the surgery site, drainage or fever – or any concerns you have about your child’s surgical site.