Patients and Families Transfer Requests Denied for Capacity

What is a transfer request?

A transfer request comes at the direction of any person employed by (or affiliated or associated, directly or indirectly) with the referring hospital, including a parent, caregiver or patient request to receive care at another hospital (receiving hospital).  It is the potential movement and transition of care of an individual from their current hospital to another hospital.

Why would a patient transfer?

Below are a few examples of why a transfer request would be initiated by the referring hospital:

  • Higher level of care
  • Specialty services
  • Parent, caregiver, or patient request

Why is it important to monitor transfer requests?

Our goal continues to be ensuring that we have the capacity to provide the very best care for each and every child who comes to Texas Children’s.

What does “transfer requests denied for capacity” measure?

Texas Children’s Hospital may deny  the request for a child to be transferred from another hospital if our system does not have capacity and/or capability to provide appropriate care for the patient.

What can you do as a parent or caregiver?  

If you question whether your child is being cared for in a facility that best meets his or her needs, we recommend that you ask questions and open the dialog with your child’s healthcare team.  Texas Children’s is an option for many referring facilities, particularly when specialty services or higher level of care is needed. Our Transfer Center assists in coordinating patient transfer requests by connecting the people that have the most impact in your child’s care.