Areas of Research Adolescent Medicine and Sports Medicine

Research Overview

Adolescent Medicine and Sports Medicine Research Mission is to -

  • Improve the health and well-being of adolescents, athletes and their families
  • Improve evidence base from which we recommend the provision of adolescent health and sports medicine care
  • Establish our section as a center of excellence for adolescent and sports medicine research and treatment

The Section of Adolescent Medicine and Sports Medicine seeks to provide interdisciplinary instruction for medical students, residents, adolescent medicine fellows, and graduate and post graduate students in nutrition and psychology through contact with interdisciplinary faculty with expertise in adolescent medicine. 

The adolescent medicine program seeks to advance the knowledge of adolescent health problems through research and other scholarly work, and serves as an advocate for adolescent health issues locally, regionally, and nationally; our aim is to empower youth and families by arming them with the knowledge and behaviors associated with improved health outcomes.Our faculty are also engaged in research in the areas of young women's health, weight management, eating disorders, nutrition and medical transition into adulthood contribute to an understanding of key public health concerns related to adolescents. Our Sports Medicine faculty focus on innovative, effective treatment of sports injuries and health promotion strategies during physical activity among adolescents.

In the last 5 years, BCM/TCH Adolescent/Sports Medicine faculty have published over 60 papers/chapters and presented more than 90 scientific abstracts in the areas of women's health; obesity, weight management and eating disorders; mental health; interpersonal violence; medical transition into adult care; treatment of sports injuries; promoting physical activity in adolescents; and sports nutrition.