Sports Medicine

Programs and Services

The Sports Medicine Program at Texas Children's Hospital includes a comprehensive array of services to appropriately care for and treat acute and chronic sports injuries, concussion, exercise-induced asthma and other conditions affecting sports performance. We work in collaboration with pediatric emergency medicine, pediatric cardiology, pediatric neurology, pediatric pulmonary medicine and pediatric regional anesthesia.

Most sports injuries can be successfully treated with proper rehabilitation. Our team of therapists is dedicated to one-on-one attention for every patient to achieve the best possible outcomes. Our facilities include a 28,500-square-foot center at Texas Children's Hospital West Campus that features advanced equipment and state-of-the-art technology to rehabilitate athletes and help them return to competition.

Texas Children's Hospital Orthopedic Fracture Program provides specialized care in evaluating and treating various fractures, including those that involve the growth plate.

The laboratory leverages the expertise of a team of physicians, therapists, biomechanists and exercise physiologists along with state-of-the-art computer and sensor technology to study, analyze and help improve how the human body moves.

Our pediatric musculoskeletal radiology services are tailored specifically to the needs, age and size of our pediatric patients and are optimized to assess sports injuries, growing bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. 

We treat everything from minor fractures to complex disorders, ensuring the highest level of individualized care for patients from newborns to young adults. Your child’s care and long-term health are our priority. Our physicians take time with patients and parents to answer questions and discuss treatment options.

The Sports Concussion Program at Texas Children’s Hospital assesses and treats concussions using the latest medical guidelines and treatments, with emphasis on guiding your athlete safely back to his sport.

For athletes of all ages, nutrition can make or break competitive performance on the field. Our sports dietitians are experts in assessing the unique needs of pediatric and adolescent athletes by developing and providing nutrition guidelines for optimal athletic performance in both practice and competition.

Sports Physical Therapy

The Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Program at Texas Children's Hospital is designed to meet the needs of young athletes. From personalized sports physical therapy regimens to rehabilitation following injury and surgery, our sports-experienced physical therapists help young athletes get back in the game quickly and safely.

Our specialists understand how a child's musculoskeletal development must guide the rehabilitation process to provide safe and effective treatment. Our program manages a wide variety of overuse and traumatic injuries and conditions in children and young adults with the goal to return them to an active lifestyle as soon as possible and minimize the risk of future injury.

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