Neonatal Nurse Practitioners

Mission Statement

“Improve the lives of neonatal patients and families by providing exceptional evidence-based care, educating and fostering life-long learning to professionals at all levels, and enhancing the care of neonatal patients through research and scholarship.”

Who we are

Neonatal Nurse Practitioners (NNPs) are Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) who are prepared at the graduate educational level and hold either a masters or doctorate degree in nursing. They also have achieved advanced practice board certification as an NNP by the National Certification Corporation (NCC). The NNPs are part of the expert health care team along with Neonatologists who will be involved in the care of your baby. At Texas Children’s Hospital Main Campus, there are forty five NNPs, with our service continuing to grow.

What makes us exceptional?

Neonates may be considered as fragile, vulnerable, and complex; however, remarkable outcomes are achieved at Texas Children’s Hospital with the implementation of evidence based practices. NNPs at Texas Children’s Hospital are vital members of the healthcare team within one of the nation’s largest neonatal intensive care units.

Texas Children’s Hospital is an academic health center which provides expert and effective care through its affiliation with Baylor College of Medicine, and is recognized for its quality in patient care, research, and education. The organization continues to expand its services, excel in patient care, and recruit the best employees. Working in this environment offers abundant opportunities for professional growth, and augments clinical expertise in neonatal care.

The culture at Texas Children’s Hospital increases NNP proficiency in effective communication, collaboration, and innovation with patient care. Professional growth is attained through numerous opportunities in clinical training, research, quality improvement initiatives, publications, revisions of clinical guidelines based on current evidence, and through participation in various committees focused on improving patient care and staff retention. Additionally, there is a high level of camaraderie amongst the group including monthly social functions, and an annual NNP retreat coordinated by the NNP Retention and Recruitment Committee. This all makes Texas Children’s Hospital one of the best places for NNPs to work.

Meet the Neonatal Nurse Practitioners Team