The pediatric neurosurgeons at Texas Children's Hospital are committed to setting the standard for the surgical treatment of infants and children with neurologic disease and to pioneering innovative therapies for the developing nervous system. Texas Children's Hospital is the first hospital in the world to use real-time MRI-guided thermal imaging and laser technology to destroy lesions in the brain that cause epilepsy and uncontrollable seizures.

Our program is among the largest and most experienced pediatric neurosurgery units in the United States. Our internationally recognized neurosurgeons perform more than 950 operations annually for a broad range of neurosurgical disorders.

In addition, Texas Children’s Hospital Neurosurgery was the first pediatric center in Texas to use the NeuroPace RNS device to treat seizures

Our surgeons emphasize multidisciplinary care and collaborate extensively with our colleagues at the Texas Children’s Cancer Center, Texas Children’s Fetal Center, the comprehensive Epilepsy Center, and the departments of Urology, Interventional Neuroradiology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Otolaryngology, Craniofacial Surgery, Developmental Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.