Comprehensive Epilepsy Center

<p>Comprehensive Epilepsy Center</p>

Innovative care for epilepsy and seizure disorders

The Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at Texas Children’s Hospital offers the best of neurological innovation and care to children with epilepsy and seizure disorders. We offer services that only a top-ranked research and educational institution can provide: state-of-the-art facilities, nuanced subspecialty care and access to exciting new therapy options.

Our designation as a level 4 epilepsy center by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers reflects our ability to offer children and their families unmatched medical expertise, supported by the most cutting-edge imaging and diagnostic technologies and innovative research. Our collaborative, multidisciplinary team provides the highest level medical and surgical evaluation and treatment for children with many forms of complex epilepsy.

Our world-renowned team includes:

  • dietitians
  • neuropathologists
  • neurophysiologists
  • neuropsychologists
  • neurosurgeons
  • pediatric epileptologists
  • research scientists
  • social workers
  • specialized nurse practitioners and physician assistants

Leading the field of pediatric neuroscience

The experts at the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at Texas Children’s are committed to creating a healthier future for children with epilepsy through our specialized treatment programs. Our expertise includes:


Effective treatment of any seizure disorder depends on an accurate diagnosis. Our New Onset Seizure Clinic is prepared to guide you and your family through the diagnosis process so that you get the treatment you need. To gather this information, we use advanced imaging and diagnostic tools, including invasive monitoring, functional MRI and specialized electroencephalograms (EEG).


Your child will receive an individualized care plan that may include ketogenic diet recommendations and commonly prescribed and/or investigational medications. A team of specialists will guide you through the treatment process, enabling your child to grow and thrive.

Texas Children’s revolutionized surgical care for epilepsy in 2010 with the development of minimally invasive laser ablation surgery. Our dedication to advancing the standard of care has continued to lead to new innovations for the children and families we serve. Our surgeons are experts in complex surgical interventions, including robot-assisted procedures, invasive seizure monitoring and brain surgery.

Specialized care environments

Our Epilepsy Monitoring Unit is a 12-bed inpatient unit designed to monitor children experiencing seizures over days to weeks. A team of technologists is present 24 hours a day to review the EEG data so that your child has the most accurate diagnosis possible. Our caring, highly trained clinicians help children and their families personalize their experience, making kids feel safe and comfortable during their stay.

New technologies

Neurostimulation is an exciting area of innovation in seizure treatment. In addition to vagus nerve stimulation, Texas Children’s has pioneered the use of responsive nerve stimulation in children, which can recognize and dampen the electrical impulses generated during seizure activity. Our Epilepsy Neurostimulation Clinic can expertly guide you through the process of starting neurostimulation treatment if this therapy is recommended by your medical team.

Research at your fingertips

Texas Children’s is home to the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute and the Gordon and Mary Cain Pediatric Neurology Research Foundation. The scientists at these research institutes are working to understand and treat neurological disease. Their findings have improved the lives of children with both common and rare conditions around the world.