Comprehensive Epilepsy Center

New Onset Seizure Clinic

Establishing a plan of action for your child

Witnessing a child have a seizure is distressing for the entire family. Our team of experienced neurologists is prepared to help you make sense of your child’s condition. At Texas Children’s Hospital, you can feel comfortable knowing that if your child has repeated seizures, your medical team is equipped to offer current and innovative therapies to limit seizure activity.

If, following a thorough emergency department evaluation, no reversible cause for the seizure is found, such as high fever or blood sugar irregularity, the seizure is called “unprovoked.” Sometimes, a child only has one unprovoked seizure. Sometimes it’s the first sign of a lifelong seizure condition or epilepsy. In either case, establishing care with a pediatric neurologist can help you keep your child safe if the seizures return.

Initial evaluation will investigate your child’s medical history and may include further brain imaging studies such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and electroencephalogram. Treating seizures usually starts with anti-seizure medications, which will be discussed in detail if they are appropriate for your child’s condition. Education is a cornerstone of our practice, and you’ll leave our clinic with the tools you need to safely respond to your child’s seizures, should they continue.