Comprehensive Epilepsy Center

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Our Programs

We have one of the most active pediatric epilepsy surgery programs in the nation, drawing patients from around the world to receive the expert care we provide. Our surgeons have expertise in nuanced procedures for epilepsy and have created innovative approaches to the surgical treatment of seizures.

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate, controlled protein diet that, in partnership with medication, has proven beneficial for children with epilepsy. Clinicians coach families through the process of creating high-impact diet changes to minimize seizure occurrence.

The New Onset Seizure Clinic supports families as they adjust to caring for a child with a seizure disorder. Our focus is to start the right treatment as quickly as possible to prevent or limit further seizures.

Our Epilepsy Neurostimulation Clinic is making exciting strides in the treatment of epilepsy. Neurostimulation therapies use electrical signals to counteract seizure activity and have been effective when seizures don’t respond to medical therapy alone.