Craniofacial Clinic

<p>Craniofacial Clinic</p>

The Craniofacial Program at Texas Children’s Hospital is dedicated to treating children with facial, jaw and skull abnormalities in a family-centered environment.

Conditions we treat

We treat complex conditions like craniosynostosis, Apert and Crouzon syndromes, and Treacher Collins syndrome. Most patients in the craniofacial program are infants and toddlers, but our experts are trained to care for children from birth to age 19. Learn more about the conditions treated in the Craniofacial Program.

Craniofacial research

We are actively focused on research that will help us treat our patients. Dr. Laura Monson, plastic surgeon, Craniofacial Program team member and 2012-2013 Texas Children’s Hospital Auxiliary Fellowship recipient, is currently studying the short- and long-term outcomes of patients with cleft lip and palate.

Treating Craniofacial Conditions at Texas Children’s Hospital