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Expert care for your baby

At Texas Children’s Hospital, we understand that what your family is going through is hard. We do everything we can to make it easier. Our Fetal Center was designed with a focus on easing the burden for you and your family. We’re here to make getting the care you need easier, more convenient and less stressful. And to provide you and your family the most supportive, compassionate, caring environment possible.

Why choose Texas Children’s Fetal Center

You have your own nurse, and it feels like it

From your first phone call, you’ll be connected with your own nurse coordinator. For these unique RNs it’s not just an assignment – it’s a calling. Nurse coordinators are your personal advocates and guides to help you and your family understand what the journey ahead will look like. They are a bridge to the rest of the remarkable team assembled to provide the best possible care and future for your child. A nurse coordinator is assigned to help you get answers, information, reassurance and support.

You have everything you need in one central location

There may be hundreds of experts involved in you and your baby’s care — but most of your care takes place in one location, the Fetal Center, where doctors come to you, gathering collectively to care for your unique needs.

You have a place at the table

You and your family sit at the table with your care team as we discuss and make decisions together regarding your treatment. We’ll ask you questions such as: Have you thought about this? Are you comfortable with that? Through education and support, we believe in helping your family make decisions that are right for you.

Everyone knows you, every step of the way

You’ll see familiar faces throughout your journey, providing comfort and continuity as you transition to each new stage of care. Every stage is carefully planned, with constant communication across our teams and a focus on anticipating your every need, with a lot of follow up along the way.

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We are always available to take calls from referring doctors to discuss your unique needs. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call the Fetal Center at 832-822-2229 or 1-877-FetalRx (338-2579) toll-free. Our phones are always open and immediate appointments are often available.

Explore all we have to offer

Programs and Services

From fetal cardiology to reproductive psychiatry and so much more.

Patient Resources

We offer the full range of support and resources for you and your family.

Quality and Outcomes

Since 2001, we’ve been at the forefront of innovations in fetal diagnostics, therapies and care.

Meet our Team

Meet the amazing team of fetal doctors, nurses and specialists ready to provide the highest quality care.

Fetal Center Research

Through research and collaboration, we continue to gain new insight into rare and complex fetal conditions.

As a leader in the diagnosis and treatment of abnormalities in unborn and newborn infants, we’re committed to providing your family with the highest quality care.