Reflective Practice and Leadership in Medicine and Medical Education Alternative Designs: Workshops for Practicing Community Physicians

(Delivered within an occasional CME event)

Setting: CME course
Example Targets: Delivering Bad News, Ethical Challenges, Delivering Care Across Cultures
Typical Learner Group: Experienced physician groups from a variety of specialties (average number of years in practice = 14). Group size has varied from 25 to 50
Typical Educators: 3-4 physician faculty, 1 psychologist
Time Frame: 1.5 hours

Description: An RP&L workshop on a given topic is offered as one of the workshop options in a larger CME event (e.g., Annual Review Course in Pediatrics). There is a brief didactic presentation on the learning objective (e.g., challenges of delivering care across cultures). The faculty have hypothetical challenging cases ready to discuss. The audience is also given the opportunity to discuss hypothetical or challenging cases from their own practice, although in each workshop participants have opted to discuss their challenging cases. Evaluations have been very positive.

In the future, this website will provide links to materials developed by colleagues at other institutions that employ a reflective practice methods.