The Meyer Center for Developmental Pediatrics and Autism takes a family-centered approach to patient care by individualizing diagnosis and treatment plans for each child and family. Patients are evaluated by a developmental-behavioral pediatrician or psychologist and may be referred for further evaluation by medical subspecialists, social work, speech/language pathology, audiology, physical/occupational therapy, or other services as needed. 

Following the Meyer Center evaluation, each family receives individualized recommendations for care, information about evidence-based interventions including special education, therapies and other community-based services, and guidance about how to best access these services in their local communities. Families are also provided access to Meyer Center educational programs on a variety of different topics. 

New patient referrals are accepted for children under age 12.   For more information on services for children ages 12 and older, please click on the Resources tab and subscribe to the electronic newsletter for information about educational programs for families of older children.  In addition, The Meyer Center is primarily a diagnostic and evaluation center and does not offer ongoing treatment or services such as speech or occupational therapy at this time. Speech and occupational therapy may be available through other Texas Children's Hospital locations. Please visit the websites for Speech, Language, and Learning and Physical and Occupational Therapy for more information regarding obtaining these services through Texas Children's Hospital. For more information about accessing other types of services in the community, please visit our Resources.

If it sounds like the Meyer Center for Developmental Pediatrics and Autism is a good fit for your child’s needs, please visit our Becoming a Patient page. If you have any questions about the services offered through the Meyer Center, please do not hesitate to contact us as 832-822-3400.

Subspecialty clinics and programs

Due to the high volume of children seen at the Meyer Center for Developmental Pediatrics and Autism, we’re able to offer specialty clinics for common developmental conditions. These clinics are a multidisciplinary collaboration of medical professionals who have dedicated their time and training to best understand and treat children and families with a specific diagnosis.

The Autism Program provides individualized diagnosis and treatment plans for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) under age 12. Our unique approach to care emphasizes education and support for families of children with ASD.

The Cardiac Developmental Outcomes Program is a unique program designed to address the developmental complications that can arise later in life for children with congenital heart disease. Developmental and behavioral pediatrics is closely involved in the ongoing care of these children and their families.

The Desmond Neonatal Follow-Up Clinic provides long-term developmental monitoring for high-risk infants discharged from the Texas Children’s Hospital neonatal nursery, including former premature babies and babies who experienced neonatal complications.

The experts at our Down Syndrome Clinic provide assessments and individualized treatment services that encourage the healthy development of children with Down syndrome and help parents nurture their child's best qualities.

Texas Children’s Fragile X Clinic provides a comprehensive approach to the care of children and families affected by Fragile X, a genetic condition that can lead to physical and developmental changes.

Our SOAR Program ensures that infants who underwent extensive neonatal intensive care receive the monitoring and support they need during their first 3 years of life.