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Reasons for early intervention

Through advances in the medical and surgical care of patients with CHD, the majority of newborns and children born with these complex conditions now receive treatment early in life and thrive. Although that is the case, children treated for congenital heart disease have been found to be at greater risk for and have higher rates of:

  • motor delays
  • language and visual difficulties
  • attention and behavioral challenges

These problems are often very subtle and not easy to recognize at an early age. However, through the Cardiac Developmental Outcomes Program's regular neurodevelopmental evaluations, referrals and follow-ups these difficult issues can often be picked up at their earliest stages, and at a time when intervention can make a difference in the developmental progress of your child. The Cardiac Developmental Outcomes Program supports and supplements the care your child is receiving from his of her primary care physician or pediatric cardiologist.

Family-centered care

Our team is focused on the neurological development of your child and the provision of care in a family-centered environment. As parents or caregivers, in your child's best interest, you are directly consulted and involved in the assessment and interventions for neurological developmental progress in the Cardiac Developmental Outcomes Program. The possible assessments and interventions include:

  • an extensive medical history and review
  • a comprehensive developmental assessment with experts specializing in the unique background and needs of patients with CHD
  • neurological and psychological testing
  • referral services to sub-specialty, therapeutic and ancillary services such a speech and physical therapy.

We also help families find resources that support their child's development in their communities.


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