Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands presents Special Education panel

Are you a parent or a caregiver of a child with a disability and want more information about Special Education services in the local school systems?

If so, you should consider attending an upcoming group discussion hosted by a panel of Special Education advocates that includes former educators, parents, social workers and Special Education specialists.

The purpose of the panel is to assist families with finding solutions to barriers and gaining strategies to navigate the Special Education System. Topics discussed will include: ARDs, IEPs, 504s, FBAs, etc.

Here’s what you need to know if you want to go:

What: Panel discussion on accessing Special Education for your child with disabilities
When: 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., Friday, February 21
Where: Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands, Second Floor Conference Room B
Panelist: Becky Nguyen, Gail Wright, Veronica Garcia, Sidney Wohlman, Louis Geigerman
RSVP: To reserve your place, register online, contact Jessavia Sampson at jlthoma4@texaschildrens.org, or call (832) 828-4179.

Transition from the NICU to home is a very exciting time for infants and families, but it can be an incredibly stressful time as well. Parents typically experience a significant amount of anxiety regarding how best to care for and nurture their little bundle of joy following discharge from the NICU. Families have to shift their mindset from helping their infant survive to considering the myriad of supports and services that may be needed to help their infant thrive. The vision of our SOAR Program is to help make this transition easier by providing infants and families with the support they need to help these precious little ones grow, learn, and develop to maximize their ultimate potential.

Our SOAR Team consists of multiple medical and non-medical providers to tailor-meet each infant’s and families’ individual needs through the first 3 critical years of life. At the time of each infant’s enrollment into our SOAR Program, an assessment is completed to determine the infant’s individual risk for future developmental concerns. Based on these risk factors, each infant is enrolled into the level of care that is deemed most appropriate to meet their individual needs.

SOAR Program - Levels of care

  • Infants who are determined to be at lower risk for future developmental concerns will be enrolled into our “Screen & Observe” level of care and periodic developmental screens will be completed, at 3-6 month intervals, to ensure that any concerns are detected as soon as possible, and appropriate action is taken.
  • Infants who are determined to be at moderate risk for future developmental concerns will be enrolled into our “Assess” level of care and will be scheduled for a formal developmental assessment, with our Developmental Behavioral pediatrician, Dr. Allen, at 4-5 months corrected age.
  • Infants who are determined to be at high risk for future developmental concerns will be enrolled into our “Respond” level of care and will be scheduled for a SOAR Team visit within a few weeks of their discharge from the NICU.