Vascular Anomalies Center at Texas Children’s Hospital


Vascule Anomalies Center


The Vascular Anomalies Center at Texas Children’s Hospital is a multidisciplinary group of experts from a variety of medical and surgical backgrounds who specialize in vascular malformations and vascular tumors. We’re dedicated to providing comprehensive, state-of-the-art treatment to patients with these disorders. Vascular anomalies result from the abnormal development and growth of vascular tissues, such as arteries, veins and capillaries. Some of these conditions are apparent at birth, while others aren’t prominent until months or years later.

At Texas Children’s, we have treated children and adolescents with vascular anomalies for over 15 years, and our patients have access to more than 40 subspecialties that help us make accurate diagnoses, create comprehensive care plans and provide coordinated care.

In addition to the compassionate, eager attitudes of our experts, our team is also heavily involved in clinical and basic science research, alongside a variety of educational efforts taking place across the nation and global health community. We’re able to identify new and improve existing treatments through these efforts, keeping the best interest of our patients, and those impacted by vascular anomalies, in mind.

Our clinical team meets regularly to review individual patient information, and we can then make a diagnosis and offer appropriate treatment options for each child’s unique situation. We all share a common mission in the Vascular Anomalies Center, from our physicians, to our social workers, to our physical therapists: providing our patients with the best care possible.