The Department of Pathology’s primary mission is to provide state-of-the-art diagnostic services for our patients and their families. The Right Diagnosis at the Right Time means that we provide answers for patients (children and women) – What is wrong with my body? The Texas Children’s Pathology team seeks to obtain the “puzzle pieces” in the form of blood or urine samples, body fluids, tissue from different organs, stool, sputum – whatever we can obtain from the body without causing harm beyond routine diagnostic evaluations in the clinic, hospital, operating room, or emergency center.  

We adopt the mantra from the National Academy of Medicine report entitled Improving Diagnosis in Health Care. With our colleagues in Pediatric Radiology and other medical specialties, Pathology provides and organizes the many ‘puzzle pieces” to deliver a timely diagnosis that can result in a targeted treatment plan or plan of action for each patient. Without a diagnosis, it is difficult to get the right treatment plan. With a correct diagnosis, each patient can get the very best treatment he or she deserves.

Pathology includes five Divisions that facilitate efficient operations for patient diagnosis and monitoring of disease process, treatment efficacy and health status. Several locations within the Texas Children's Hospital complex provide a wide range of consultative services on clinical tests (blood, urine, other fluids and tissue specimens) that are vital in guiding the diagnosis and therapy of patients. Service locations are located throughout the greater Houston area.

Services are provided in immediate proximity to the critical care units and operating rooms. The department also provides post-mortem examinations at no charge for any Texas Children's Hospital patient whose family requests the procedure, regardless of where the death occurred.

The Department of Pathology is directed by 50 full-time Baylor College of Medicine faculty with special expertise and certification in pediatric pathology, anatomic and clinical pathology, blood banking, clinical chemistry, clinical informatics, cytopathology, hematology, hematopathology, medical microbiology and the microbiome, molecular pathology (cancer genomics) and neuropathology. Our faculty include physicians and scientists who are also advancing the educational and research missions at Texas Children’s.

Detailed descriptions of Pathology tests and services can be found on the Pathology Online Catalog.

Anatomic and Hematopathology Consults

For Anatomic and Hematopathology consults, please utilize the Pathology Consult Form and ship to:

Pathology Consult Desk
6621 Fannin St.
Suite AB1195
Houston, TX 77030

Phone: 832-824-2250