Interventional Radiology

<p>Interventional Radiology</p>

Experience, expertise and technology

Interventional radiologists at Texas Children’s Hospital combine state-of-the-art pediatric imaging with advanced techniques for minimally invasive procedures. Using X-ray, CT scan or ultrasound guidance in combination with specially designed pediatric tools, we have the experience and equipment necessary to meet the unique needs of children. We’ve cared for premature babies weighing less than 1 pound, pregnant women and every age in between.

Minimally invasive procedures, which often only require a few incisions the width of your finger, typically offer several benefits: quicker healing time, less pain and fewer complications. These procedures are used to collect essential information for diagnosing diseases, implant medical devices and treat serious conditions.

Why choose Texas Children’s Interventional Radiology?

  • Our specially trained, board-certified pediatric doctors are among the most experienced and accomplished in the nation.
  • We use child-sized miniature tools and leading-edge technology, sometimes of our own design, to care for patients from less than 1 pound to adolescents.
  • Your child’s comfort is our priority. When necessary, we can provide sedation or general anesthesia.
  • In our outpatient interventional radiology clinic, we meet and assess your child before treatment. After the procedure, we answer your questions.
  • Our extensively trained support staff includes child life specialists who can help your child relax.

Interventional Radiology locations

We have locations across the Houston metro area to best suit your needs.