Interventional Radiology

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What to expect at your child’s interventional radiology procedure

Before the procedure

A few days before your child’s interventional radiology procedure, one of our nurses will contact you. The nurse will give you clear instructions and allow time to answer your questions. Specific directions can vary depending on the procedure your child is having.

We recommend that you write down the directions you’re given. Not following the directions exactly may result in delaying or rescheduling your child’s procedure. If you have any questions about the pre-procedure instructions or the procedure itself, call us at 832-824-9729.

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What happens during an interventional radiology procedure? 

Before and during the procedure, a child life specialist can help your child relax and feel more comfortable by providing coaching and distraction tailored to your child’s developmental level. Sometimes this helps reduce the need for sedation. We perform some procedures while your child is awake, with local numbing medication at the needle site.

If your child is young or unable to lie still, we may give them medicine to promote relaxation or sleep. This is called sedation or anesthesia. Depending on the test, sedation or anesthesia may be given by mouth, shot or IV.

In some cases, when sedation isn’t used, you can remain at the bedside with your child. When sedation is given, you’ll return to the waiting room during the test. What happens during the procedure and how long it takes depends on the type of procedure and type of imaging used. The average length of time is 30 minutes, but more complex procedures can take several hours.

What happens after an interventional radiology procedure?

Once the procedure is completed, the interventional radiologist will speak to you. You’ll be able to see your child after the procedure. Children who receive sedation or anesthesia will be monitored carefully until they’re fully awake. Before leaving our care, we’ll explain any activity or dietary restrictions your child will need to follow.