Some babies are bruised during the birthing process. These bruises typically fade over a couple of weeks. Bruises are very unusual for infants and should be discussed with your health care provider right away.

Peeling dry skin

Around the second week of life, the skin will often peel and dry out. This is normal. Moisturize with fragrance-free oils or ointments. Sometimes the dryness can lead to bleeding at the wrists and ankles.


Babies often have pimples on their face and the upper part of their chest and back when they are about 1-2 months old. This is normal and usually resolves on its own. If the pimples are severe, your prescriber may recommend medication.


Babies can have many different rashes. Most of these are harmless and go away after a few days to weeks. If your baby has a rash and seems uncomfortable, call your provider to be seen urgently.

White dots on nose

Small white dots on the nose (milia) are normal for newborns. They are harmless and disappear without treatment.