Does your child like the water? Does your child like to swim, splash and play in the tub or wading pool? Does your child have difficulty moving on land? Are your child’s arms or legs stiff, floppy or weak on land? Does he or she tire easily on land? Does he or she have pain in his joints with some movements?

Therapeutic listening is a home-based program that uses sound training in combination with sensory integrative therapy techniques. Sound training uses electronically altered music to improve listening skills.

We offer a rotating clinic, twice a week, directly at the vendor site to address all durable custom equipment needs. National SeatingTM and Numotion® are the two contracted vendors offered for offsite TCH Main Campus Clinic. All other vendor appointments are held at the hospital. A prescription, signed and dated, from a physician, stating PT/OT Evaluation, patient’s date of birth, and patient’s diagnosis is required for scheduling an appointment.

The Acute Outpatient Rehabilitation Program is an interdisciplinary rehabilitation program that includes Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) physicians, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Pathologists, and Social Workers. The goals of this team are to assist patients with return to their prior level of function; provide education to patients and family about the patient’s new functional status; and assist patients and their families with a smooth transition back to school, home, and the community. This treatment is intended to provide intensive short term therapy services, typically lasting around three months in length.

Schroth-based physical therapy treatment for scoliosis is a conservative treatment used to improve the posture of patients with Scoliosis. The treatment uses thinking ability, muscle coordination, sensory skills and movement awareness to provide better support for the spine.

Katharina Schroth designed these exercises during the early 1900s to treat her own scoliosis. They have been the main type of scoliosis management in Germany and Europe since the 1920s.