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Tara Aldred is an occupational therapist with more than 20 years of experience specializing in pediatrics and administration. She serves as Manager of Physical and Occupational Therapy at Texas Children’s Hospital, Texas Medical Center Campus, where she works with patients and staff in the… read more
Phone: 832-826-1336
I started my career as an occupational therapist at Texas Children’s in 1998 and currently serve as Manager of Physical and Occupational Therapy at Texas Children’s Medical Center Campus.   I support patient care and the provision of therapy services in the neonatal intensive care unit and cardiac… read more
Phone: 832-826-6134

Physical Therapists and Assistants - Texas Medical Center

Clinical Interests: NICU, early childhood intervention, rehabilitation equipment and wheelchairs
As a care provider in the NICU, my passion is to provide family-integrated, evidence-based care to help facilitate the most optimum developmental outcomes for our most vulnerable patient population. Clinical Interests: educating families on how to support and nurture their premature infant to… read more
As a therapist in the NICU, I strive to provide family-centered care with an emphasis on protection of the developing brain through awareness of the entire sensory environment and education on how we can significantly impact future development now.
Emily works primarily with patients in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. She is passionate about early rehabilitation within the critical care setting.   Clinical Interests: early rehabilitation for critically ill patients in the ICU setting; prevention of ICU acquired weakness; ECMO;… read more
I completed my Master in Physical Therapy at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. I also received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Marquette University where I majored in Psychology. I have played soccer throughout my life, including in college, which increased my interest in orthopedics, treatment… read more
Phone: 832-826-2121
As a care provider, Meaghan’s passion is to keep the patient at the center of the interdisciplinary team by treating the child’s comprehensive therapy needs to achieve the best functional outcomes.  Clinical Interests: pediatric and cardiovascular critical care, ECMO, VAD, women’s/pelvic health 
Clinical Interests: pediatrics, critical care, early mobility in intensive care, ECMO, developmental delays
Brittney believes in the transformative healing power of touch. She honors the exchange of energies that accompany touch and works hard to come to each treatment session from a place of neutrality, leaving behind what may be going on personally to show up for her patients therapeutically. She is… read more
I have been at Texas Children’s Hospital since 2009 and am one of the primary inpatient physical therapists for Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Center and the bone marrow transplant unit. I cover outpatient clinics for the Musculoskeletal Tumor and GVHD clinics. I enjoy working with patients… read more
"Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional and mental states” – Carol Welch, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.   Physical therapy has never been just about making one part of a child better but making the whole child, body and mind, better. I love having a job… read more
Sandra Engle is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and currently is the Acute Care Specialty Coordinator as well as a C1 and C2 certified Schroth therapist at Texas Children's Hospital. Sandra completed her Masters and Doctorate in Physical Therapy at St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa. She… read more
Phone: 832-826-2121
Clinical Interests:  Post-operative mobility for orthopedics/trauma/general surgery patients, developmental therapy
Clinical Interests:  NICU
I treat each patient as if they were a family member or friend: I will treat them with the same time, dedication, respect and commitment that I would with my family. My patients’ well-being is my top priority. Clinical Interests:  Orthopedics
“The fruit of love is service, which is compassion in action.”  Emily Hermes began her career in physical therapy at Texas Children’s Hospital in 2008. As an Advanced Clinical Specialist in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department, she works primarily with pediatric patients in critical… read more
Clinical Interests: Pediatrics
Children are designed to move! It is fundamental to their development and to their wellbeing, and I believe that my role is to help facilitate mobility for all children. I believe that it is important to help a child move in whatever way works for them and wherever they may find themselves — even… read more
I am passionate about helping kids achieve their greatest potential in life and believe that I cannot do this without looking at the whole person and how they fit into their family unit. I believe in advocating for all aspects of care to allow patients to achieve their goals. Clinical Interests… read more
I strive to help patients become more functionally independent while also providing them with the tools to reach their full potential for mobility at home and in the community. Clinical Interests: hematology, oncology, bone marrow transplant
Clinical Interests:  TICU
Clinical Interests: NICU, cortical visual impairment, early intervention
I am an Advanced clinical specialist who enjoys the challenges of providing specialty care to my neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) patients and their families. I strive to optimize developmental outcomes and caregiver bonding so that the families leave the NICU with confidence and are ready to… read more
I believe in the power of play and incorporate fun activities in therapy sessions to make the rehabilitation process more engaging and enjoyable. Through individualized treatment plans that take into account the unique goals and needs of each family, I strive to improve mobility, strength,… read more
“Spread love everywhere you go, let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” Mother Theresa  Hannah believes in providing family-centered, evidence-based care to all of her patients. By building relationships and identifying unique motivators, she strives to maximize rehabilitative… read more
As a licensed physical therapist, I believe in providing the best care to our patients and families by supporting, empowering and encouraging them to achieve their goals. I enjoy working with a collaborative team approach to provide the best care.  Clinical Interests: My clinical interests… read more
I believe that the family-Infant relationship must be preserved during a NICU stay. Parents play an important part in neuroprotection and neuropromotion, supporting the development necessary for a thriving lifetime for their child. As a physical therapist, I play a crucial role in supporting the… read more
Clinical Interests: Neonatal care, cardiopulmonary, early mobility in the intensive care unit (ICU), developmental therapy
Clinical Interests: facilitation of physical rehabilitation in pediatric patients who are critically ill/ require life-sustaining devices (including extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), ventilator support, multi-organ support, etc.), cardiopulmonary impairments, neurologic impairments,… read more
Robin Schlosser has been a physical therapist at Texas Children’s Hospital since 2005 and currently serves as the Physical Therapy Specialty Coordinator for Critical Care. This role has given her the opportunity to drive changes in the developmental care practices for inpatients throughout Texas… read more
Clinical Interests:  ICU
I am a board-certified neonatal therapist and have worked at Texas Children’s Heart Center for seven years, primarily in the cardiac intensive care unit. Clinical Interests: I have a special interest in neurodevelopmental care, infants with congenital heart disease, heart/lung transplantation,… read more
“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Mahatma Gandhi.   This quote illuminates why Aimee pursued this profession — one that allows clinicians to help children and their families during some of the most vulnerable times in their lives. Movement is a medicine… read more
Clinical Interests: Neuro
I am proud to be a pediatric physical therapist, which is an incredible honor and a privilege, but also an enormous responsibility. I live by the phrase, “if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.” I absolutely love what I do – working with infants and their families to… read more

Occupational Therapists - Texas Medical Center

Angeline is passionate about serving others to improve their lives — to grow, heal, strengthen, provide hope, facilitate happiness, empower, educate, protect, love, and inspire.  Clinical Interests: fragile and preterm infant growth and developmental support, -fragile and preterm infant feeding… read more
Clinical Interests: neurodevelopmental rehabilitation and habilitation, brain injury recovery, splinting, feeding specialist
Clinical Interests: NICU, infant feeding, infant massage, neuroprotective care, developmental therapy, plagiocephaly, caregiver bonding
Clinical Interests:  Autism spectrum disorders, sensory and developmental feeding
A child’s purpose is to grow, play, and learn how to be in the world. I believe understanding and working with the various circumstances of a family unit is vital to a child’s success. Learning to move and explore their environments, starting on the first day of life, begins to build a foundation… read more
“From a little spark may burst a flame” – Dante Alighieri Clinical Interests:  feeding, neuroprotective care, developmental facilitation
Lauren is passionate about educating and empowering caregivers to be the experts in their baby’s needs. She is a passionate advocate for her patients and enjoys working with families, medical teams and interdisciplinary teams to support neonatal/infant development and early feeding skills in the… read more
Clinical Interests: early mobility in the ICU environment, developmental outcomes following non-accidental trauma with associated traumatic brain injury, feeding difficulties in medically complex children, splinting, developmental skill progression for technology-dependent children, rehabilitation… read more
Clinical Interests:  early mobilization in the ICU setting, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, post-transplant rehabilitation, infant oral feeding, neurodevelopmental care, and family education
Clinical Interests: feeding therapy, cardiac population, infant massage
“Helping little hands achieve big things”  My focus is on providing holistic patient care; focusing on integrated, neuroprotective, family-centered care to support optimal long-term developmental outcomes for premature and medically complex infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). … read more
Clinical Interests:  hematology, oncology, bone marrow transplant
“Medicine adds days to lives, occupational therapy adds life to days.”  Tara is passionate about a variety of treatment areas; she works in both the Cardiac Progressive Care Unit (CPCU) and the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU).  Clinical Interests: neonatal development, neurological… read more
Clinical Interests:  NICU, Neuroprotective care, neonatal and infant feeding, neonatal and infant development, child passenger safety
Angel has been a pediatric occupational therapist since 2018. She has clinical experience in pediatric acute, outpatient, and NICU settings. She has special interests in treating NICU infant feeding and development, neuro-developmental disorders, and feeding for preterm infants until 21 years of… read more
Clinical Interests:  cardiovascular rehabilitation, brain injury rehabilitation, infant feeding
Erin enjoys providing specialty care to NICU patients and their families to optimize developmental outcomes and caregiver bonding so that her patient families leave the NICU with confidence and are ready to begin their journey at home.  Clinical Interests: NICU, family-centered care, oral motor… read more
Clinical Interests: neurodevelopmental care, developmental therapy, oral motor therapy, pediatric and infant feeding, cardiac rehabilitation, Kinesio taping, splinting, neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT) Research Interests: cardiac developmental outcomes, infant driven feeding, family engagement… read more
Clinical Interests: developmental delays, neurological impairments, visual motor and perceptual difficulties, pediatric trauma informed care
Clinical Interests: neurodevelopmental treatment and facilitation: neurosurgery/neurology; feeding therapy – acute illness, infant feeding, developmental and sensory feeding; upper and lower extremity splinting
Clinical Interests: brain injury, neurological impairments, spinal cord injury, developmental delay, feeding disorders Research Interests: effects/benefits of reflex integration on acute neurological trauma – outcomes for rehabilitation progression
Clinical Interests: neurodevelopmental treatment and facilitation, brain injury recovery, hand therapy, splinting, upper extremity rehabilitation
Clinical Interests: acute rehabilitation for traumatic brain injury, rehabilitation during ECMO, developmental skill progression for technology-dependent children, oral motor skill progress for medically complex children
"Helping small hands do big things" to empower patients and families Clinical Interests: infants/pediatrics, neurodevelopmental treatment and facilitation, infant feeding, cardiopulmonary care