Schroth Therapy 

Schroth-based Physical Therapy for Scoliosis

Schroth-based physical therapy treatment for scoliosis is a conservative treatment used to improve the posture of patients with Scoliosis. The treatment uses thinking ability, muscle coordination, sensory skills and movement awareness to provide better support for the spine.

Katharina Schroth designed these exercises during the early 1900s to treat her own scoliosis. They have been the main type of scoliosis management in Germany and Europe since the 1920s.

Multiple research studies show Schroth-based exercises to be effective in changing the scoliosis posture for patients with mild to severe curves. The exercises improve the effect of bracing and increase amount of wearing time of the brace.

The goal of Schroth-based exercises is to decrease the rotation and stretch in the trunk while increasing muscle strength. This allows better support for the spine improving posture and ease of breathing with less pain.

What to expect during a therapy session

Exercises are tailored for each patient’s specific needs. Mirrors, therapy balls, special pillows and ladders, step stools, rollers, and poles are used during the exercises. Come to the session dressed in comfortable clothes.

Exercises focus on

  • Posture awareness
  • Breathing techniques
  • Muscle development

All physical therapists using Schroth-based exercises at Texas Children’s Hospital are specially trained by the Schroth-Barcelona Institute.