Maternal Fetal Medicine Center

Programs and Services

Our maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) services and programs provide comprehensive evaluations and treatment to help women with complex conditions achieve safe, healthy pregnancies. You’ll find an experienced, multidisciplinary team of specialists at Texas Children's Pavilion for Women, working together to reduce the risks these conditions pose to mother and baby. We coordinate with fetal and neonatal specialists, as needed, to provide seamless care for your baby before and after delivery.

Personalized specialty care for high-risk pregnancies

Our MFM specialists (Ob/Gyns who specialize in high-risk pregnancy care) and their teams provide the additional, specialized care you and your baby need, tailored to your unique pregnancy. We work together with your Ob/Gyn, providing coordinated care to help your baby have the healthiest possible start in life.

We offer three levels of high-risk pregnancy care, based on the health needs of you and your baby.


Level 1: Consultation and evaluation

  • Your Ob/Gyn may refer you to our specialists for an evaluation of your pregnancy risks and recommendations to manage those risks. Your visit may include advanced diagnostic testing, if needed.
  • Your consultation may take place via a telemedicine (video) visit, at one of our community MFM clinics or at the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Center at the Pavilion for Women.
  • After the visit, we work with your Ob/Gyn to develop a plan to manage your pregnancy and minimize the risks to you and your baby.
  • Your primary Ob/Gyn cares for you throughout your pregnancy.
  • After delivery, you may see one of our community MFM providers, as needed.


Level 2: Specialized services at the Pavilion for Women

  • Your Ob/Gyn may refer you to be evaluated for one of our high-risk pregnancy programs and services that are available only at the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Center.
  • Your first evaluation may take place at one of our community MFM clinics or at the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Center.
  • You may need to come to the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Center for visits throughout your pregnancy.
  • You remain under your primary Ob/Gyn’s care for your regular prenatal visits. Our team works together with them to comanage your pregnancy for the best possible care.
  • After delivery, you may have follow-up visits with our specialists to monitor your postpartum health, in addition to the postpartum care from your Ob/Gyn.


Level 3: Total obstetric care at the Pavilion for Women

  • Your Ob/Gyn may request a complete transfer of care to our high-risk pregnancy specialists for pregnancies with more complex maternal or fetal conditions. Our total obstetric care ensures immediate access to the specialists, equipment and facilities you and your baby need, should life-threatening emergencies arise.
  • Your regular prenatal visits will take place at the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Center with your MFM team. You may also see other specialists here, as needed, for you or your baby.
  • After delivery, you may have follow-up visits with our specialists to monitor your postpartum health.
  • You return to your primary Ob/Gyn for ongoing care.


Our high-risk pregnancy programs and services

Based on your evaluation, you and your baby may benefit from more focused care in one of our programs. The Maternal-Fetal Medicine Center is home to programs, clinics and centers dedicated to comprehensive care, including:

This one-day class, conducted by experts from across Texas Children's, helps parents prepare for their newborn's hospitalization in intensive care.

Our program brings together doctors, advanced practice providers, genetic counselors and nurses who offer lifelong care for families with heart conditions that may have a genetic cause.

Our experienced MFM specialists provide counseling, vaccines, fetal imaging, testing and other care for pregnant women at risk for infectious diseases such as COVID-19, hepatitis, malaria and Zika virus.

Our team of cardiologists and MFM specialists offers convenient “one-stop” visits for pregnant women with heart conditions, providing prepregnancy counseling and pregnancy monitoring and treatment.

Our multidisciplinary medical and surgical team is experienced in managing the most complex cases of these rare, potentially life-threatening conditions that affect the placenta.

Our unique Program for Multiples provides personalized services and care, including genetic counseling and fetal imaging, if you’re expecting two or more babies.

Imaging specialists at Texas Children’s Fetal Center offer the most advanced fetal ultrasound techniques to identify potential health problems early and help plan your baby’s care.