Maternal Fetal Medicine Center

Program for Multiples®

Specialized care and services for women with multiple pregnancies

When you’re pregnant with multiple babies, everything is multiplied — your excitement, your preparations and your concerns. Our unique Program for Multiples® is here to help, offering personalized services including genetic counseling, fetal imaging and nutritional guidance during the most crucial time of your babies’ development.

Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women is home to national leaders in managing complex, high-risk pregnancies and helping women achieve safe, healthy pregnancies and deliveries. The multidisciplinary team includes maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) specialists (Ob/Gyns who specialize in high-risk pregnancy care), fetal imaging technicians, medical geneticists, genetic counselors, registered dietitians and other providers.

Your care team works with you to develop a personalized care plan that complements the prenatal care you receive from your primary Ob/Gyn. We’re dedicated to helping you enjoy the healthiest pregnancy possible — and helping your babies have a healthy start in life.

Program for Multiples: What we offer

  • You come in for a comprehensive evaluation, risk assessment and testing at one of our Maternal-Fetal Medicine locations.
  • The best time for your evaluation is during the first 11 to 13.6 weeks of your pregnancy.
  • Your Ob/Gyn receives a recommended care plan personalized for you and your babies, based on the evaluation results.
  • The program does not replace your regular obstetric care. Your Ob/Gyn continues to provide care for you throughout your pregnancy.

What to expect at your visit

  • Maternal-fetal medicine consultation: One of our MFM doctors meets with you to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your pregnancy and potential risks or complications. They provide you with a customized pregnancy guide that includes recommendations for care to address your specific needs and manage any identified risks or complications.
  • Comprehensive ultrasound: You receive an enhanced pregnancy ultrasound exam to assess the growth and development of your babies and identify potential problems or risks. We offer the latest ultrasound fetal imaging technologies and expertise in the early detection and diagnosis of fetal conditions.
  • Genetic counseling and testing: Our board-certified medical geneticists and genetic counselors help you understand how genetic counseling and testing may benefit you. We explain the purpose, risks, benefits and limitations of fetal diagnostic procedures so you can make informed decisions about your pregnancy and your babies’ health.
  • Personalized nutrition assessment: Our registered dietitians work with you to create your own customized nutrition plan. A healthy eating plan is vital in pregnancies with multiples to help ensure the healthiest possible babies.

Resources for multiple pregnancies

Meet other moms of multiples and get additional support and resources through your local chapter of Multiples of America.