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The Pediatric Center for Precision Oncology

Aiming to discover the genetic make-up of each child’s tumor

Pediatric cancer researchers have recently discovered that each child’s tumor is unique; the tumors do not have the same genetic mutations and sequences. Based upon these recent discoveries, researchers at the Center for Precision Oncology aim to ultimately discover the genetic make-up of each child’s tumor.

Will Parsons in Cancer Center Lab

Improving treatment outcomes by identifying gene mutations that cause tumors

Our goal is to improve the treatment of children with cancer by identifying the specific genetic mutations responsible for their tumors. The center will use state-of-the-art genomic sequencing technologies to comprehensively analyze tumor samples from patients at Texas Children's Cancer Center. Doctors and researchers at the center hope to sequence all new pediatric cancers in the state – cancers affecting 1,000 children each year – in collaboration with investigators at other academic institutions in Texas.

A partnership with the Human Genome Sequencing Center

The partnership between Texas Children's Cancer Center and the Human Genome Sequencing Center will facilitate groundbreaking studies of the genetics of pediatric cancers by engaging clinical and scientific resources. As a part of Baylor College of Medicine, one of the top medical schools in the country, the center will benefit from existing resources, which will allow it to build upon a foundation of knowledge regarding tumor sequencing. In addition, the center will coordinate with the Texas Cancer Research Biobank, which recently received over $7 million in funding from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT). The center is currently focusing on three core projects:

The Pediatric Cancer Sequencing Project. Sequencing of tumor and blood samples from children with cancer to provide an unprecedented view of the genetic landscape of pediatric cancers.

Functional genomics. Analyzing the effects of mutations on tumor biology and developing tumor models that may be used to test new therapies.

Clinical cancer genomics and therapeutics. Incorporating genomic information into the routine clinical care of children with cancer.

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Precision Oncology: Changing the Future of Pediatric Cancer Treatment

Texas Children’s has three clinical services in the Cancer Genetics and Genomics Program: the Cancer Genetics Clinic, the Cancer Prevention and Screening Clinic and the Precision Oncology Consultation Service. Precision oncology, the practice of tailoring cancer prevention and treatment strategies based upon specific aspects of each patient’s individual genetic mutations, is spotlighted in this video by Dr. Will Parsons.

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