Areas of Research Menorrhagia and Young Women's Bleeding Disorders

Our research focus is aimed at improving the reproductive health of girls and women throughout their life span.

Our researchers are studying areas as diverse as congenital anomalies of the reproductive tract, disorders of sexual differentiation, paratubal cysts, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), labial adhesions and lichen sclerosis. We also have special interest in bleeding disorders, adolescent hormonal disorders, genital warts in children and minimally invasive pediatric surgeries.

We are currently studying how to best promote healthy lifestyle choices and reproductive health knowledge among adolescent girls, and have a specialty in caring for the gynecologic needs of developmentally delayed girls and women. Lastly, we are expanding into tissue banking for pediatric gynecologic cancers and rare conditions.

Our researchers have presented abstracts at the North American Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology (NASPAG) and have published more than two dozen peer-reviewed articles. Through collaboration with other Pediatric Gynecology Fellowship programs we are able to engage in multi-institutional research.  We have 2 fellows, 3-4 residents and 4-6 students per year who are involved in research projects. For information on such educational opportunities, please call 832-826-7464.

If you are interested in collaborating with our researchers or enrolling your patient or child in one of our studies, please contact our research coordinator Kara Chappell at (832) 824-0401 or Barbara Lacy at (832) 824-0402.

Our state-of-the art research and breakthrough treatments

Renowned for our research and therapies for blood disorders, Texas Children’s Hematology Center physicians conduct state-of-the-art clinical and scientific research aimed at understanding, preventing and curing blood diseases. The center receives funding through government grants and philanthropic efforts of a variety of community-based organizations.

Current Studies

Improving education and advocacy for young women with menorrhagia through use of innovative technology

This study is supported by the CSL Behring Foundation Grant The study will use an innovative technological approach to enhance patient compliance with medications and appointments, provide educational outreach, will allow health care professionals to capture valuable clinical data regarding bleeding patterns through electronic journals. The iPOD Touch® device with the iPERIOD program will be used to facilitate the aims of patient compliance, accurate patient reporting and enhancing educational support.

Prospective Crossover Trial of Oral Tranexamic Acid and Combined Oral Contraceptive in the Management of Adolescent Menorrhagia

This study is supported by Texas Children’s Hospital Pediatric Pilot Research Fund and is an ongoing study that addresses the efficacy of the new medication, oral tranexamic acid in comparison with combined oral contraceptives for the management of menorrhagia in adolescent women.

Menorrhagia Data Registry

This study approved by the institutional IRB, allows gathering data about adolescent women with menorrhagia, to provide a better understanding about the patho-physiology, causes, disease manifestation, diagnostic and treatment approches of menorrhagia thereby enabling research to optimize the care of these patients.

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