Our research is focused on understanding the genetic basis of rare tumors and identifying novel treatment targets. 

We collaborate with other pediatric treatment centers—both nationally and internationally to improve the diagnosis and treatment of rare tumors. We also actively participate in national registries for individual tumors and are developing registries for tumors, which do not have a dedicated registry.

Tumor Registries

We are interested in understanding the biology of rare tumors with the goal of offering more successful therapies for childhood cancer patients. We are also researching ways to minimize the side effects of cancer treatment and achieve better outcomes in children. We have established registries to collect information on children with rare tumors, including: clear cell sarcoma of the kidney, esthesioneuroblastoma, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, neuroendocrine tumor, salivary gland tumor and melanoma. 

To find out more about enrolling in the registries, please email raretumors@texaschildrens.org

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