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Precision Oncology Consultation Service

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The Precision Oncology Consultation Service at Texas Children’s Hospital treats children and young adults (< Age 25) who have cancers which are no longer responsive to standard treatment options. This service uses advanced gene sequencing techniques to discover genetic vulnerabilities specific to your child’s tumor.

Texas Children’s Cancer Center is the country’s leader in the use of precision oncology strategies for the care of children with rare, relapsed, refractory and high-risk cancers – patients with limited treatment options who are most in need of novel therapeutic approaches.

Our precision oncology team applies state-of-the-art genomic testing to make the most informed decisions possible for the care of each child evaluated and treated at Texas Children’s Cancer Center.

Researchers in the Cancer Genetics and Genomics Program are leading cutting-edge studies to understand how genome sequencing can be used to implement more precisely-targeted patient-specific treatment plans and improve outcomes for childhood cancer patients.

2021-22 USNWR Cancer

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Physicians may call our clinics at 1-800-226-2379. Families may contact us at 832-824-4685 or

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