Cancer Genetics Clinic

<p>Cancer Genetics Clinic</p>

The Cancer Genetics Clinic sees children and families at risk for childhood cancer. The clinic is directed by an internationally recognized geneticist working closely with experienced genetic counselors. We evaluate the patient’s medical history, any family history of cancer, perform physical exams and decide whether genetic testing is needed. 

Our goal is to provide:

  • A personalized cancer risk assessment, 
  • Counseling on the process and results of any genetic testing, 
  • Determining whether other family members need genetic evaluation
  • Methods to minimize the risk of cancer. We work closely with the Cancer Prevention and Screening Clinic for any needed cancer surveillance.  

The Cancer Genetics Clinic at Baylor College of Medicine saw over 120 new patients last year and is held weekly. Two weeks a month the clinic is held by telemedicine for patients who reside in Texas. The other two weeks are held at Texas Children's Hospital, located in the Texas Medical Center. The decision about the clinic setting will be discussed with the family. The patient will have an appointment with a board-certified medical geneticist, assisted by genetic counselors.

In collaboration with Baylor College of Medicine, the clinic also serves as a training site for genetic counselors, medical genetics and pediatric hematology-oncology residents.

The Cancer Genetics Clinic is part of the Cancer Genetics and Genomics Program at Texas Children's Cancer and Hematology Center.

Evaluation and Treatment

Working with many experts across the hospital, the cancer genetics team provides the highest level of care to our patients and their families. Results of the visit are shared directly with the patient’s physicians to help guide ongoing care. Decisions about genetic testing, when needed, are made in partnership with families. Genetic testing that is ordered is sent to nationally recognized laboratories across the United States and Canada.

The Cancer Genetics Clinic is dedicated to giving patients the psychological support and counseling that they need to cope or prepare for a cancer diagnosis. A full range of services and/or referrals are available, providing comprehensive psychological support and counseling, as well as the most current medical information and treatment.


We pride ourselves in partnering closely with referring physicians and families throughout the process to ensure they are fully informed about their patient’s care. 

Physicians may call our clinics at 1-800-226-2379 or make a pediatric cancer genetics referral in EPIC.
Families may contact us directly at 832-824-4685.

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