Duncan NRI Optogenetics and Viral Vectors Core

<p>Optogenetics and Viral Vectors Core</p>

Neuroconnectivity Core provides Duncan NRI investigators and trainees access to the technology and reagents required to perform neurotropic viral expression, optogenetic manipulation, and in vivo electrophysiological stimulation/recordings in mammalian nervous tissue. Understanding fundamental properties of synaptic function and neural circuit connectivity remain significant challenges to basic, behavioral, and clinical neuroscience and above-mentioned manipulations offer the ability to investigate brain ‘wiring’ and ‘processing’ with remarkable precision. 

Core Services

Neuroconnectivity Core offers following services and reagents:

  • Viral vector design (custom or pre-designed)
  • Viral particle packaging/production (custom or pre-designed)
  • Stereotaxic CNS injection 
  • Optical fiber preparation/implantation 

For technical, scheduling or pricing information, please contact the Co-Director or the Director.

Core Director and Co-Director

Benjamin Arenkiel, Ph.D.

Email: arenkiel@bcm.edu

Ying Wang

Email:  Ying.Wang@bcm.edu

Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute
1250 Moursund, N1150
Houston, TX 77030

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