Duncan NRI Microscopy Core

<p>Microscopy Core</p>

The Microscopy Core provides Duncan NRI investigators with expertise and instrumentation to perform light microscopy to determine the distribution and dynamics of molecular markers in normal, mutant, and pathologic cells, tissues, and live animals. The Core has state-of-the art fluorescence and confocal microscopes that can also be used for imaging fixed or live samples from various sources (tissues or whole animal organs)

Core Services

The Core provides following services:

  • Optical sectioning of fluorescent samples using confocal or two-photon imaging.
  • Time-lapse imaging and/or electrical recording of live tissues and fixed cells.
  • In vivo time-lapse imaging of live animals using two-photon microscope.
  • Data analysis and 3D reconstruction using Imaris software.

For technical, scheduling or pricing questions, please contact the Core Director.

Core Director

Dinghui Yu, Ph.D.

Email: dyu@bcm.edu
Phone: 832-824-8790

Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute, Suite 1250.12,
1250 Moursund Avenue,
Houston, TX 77030

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