As one of your Nurse Coordinators, I would like to welcome you to the Texas Children’s Vascular Anomalies Center! As a Nurse Coordinator, my role is to help guide families through the process of making appointments and assisting them with follow up care. I can be contacted by phone, email or fax should you have any questions. I look forward to working with you and your child.

Darla Espinoza, RN

Before your appointment

You will want to do a few things before your child's first visit to the Vascular Anomalies Center at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Complete and send a new patient intake form to us by FAX at 832-825-9500, or
email vascularanomalies@texaschildrens.org, or
ask your primary care provider to do so.

Arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, your appointment may be canceled and you may need to reschedule. Please allow plenty of time to park and find your way to the clinic on the 5th floor of the Mark Wallace Tower (formerly the Clinical Care Center). Here are parking options available to you and a helpful map of Texas Children’s Hospital.

What to bring

  • Games, books or other quiet activities to entertain your child while you are waiting
  • Juice and a snack in case your child is hungry; bring a bottle if your child takes one
  • Copies of your child’s most recent Ultrasound, X-RAY, MRI, CAT scan, and other test results relating to his or her condition
  • Your child’s insurance card
  • A list of medicines your child takes
  • If you are a legal guardian and not a parent, bring proof of legal guardianship
  • A credit card, check or cash in case co-payment is necessary

It is best to leave other children at home. If you need to bring other children with you, please bring someone to take care of them while you are in clinic with the provider team.

What to expect

During your child’s first visit, our medical staff will conduct a diagnostic screening in the morning. This generally includes:

  • Height, weight and blood pressure measurements
  • A discussion of your child’s current problem, such as when it began and if things have changed
  • Physical examination of the child
  • Collection of the new patient history form and recent test results
    • May be referred to the lab for same day blood work
  • A preliminary diagnosis will be discussed

After your visit, a team comprised of up to 20 subspecialty clinicians gather to discuss your child’s medical history, review the imaging and blood studies and develop a care plan. If your child needs to see additional specialists, s/he will remain for an afternoon visit on the same day or schedule a future visit.

During your child’s afternoon visit (a continuation of the morning appointment), you will meet with the care team who will explain the care plan option(s).

  • This may include meeting with 1-3 subspecialists to discuss diagnosis, treatment options, and possibly ordering additional tests
  • At the end of the visit, you should have a plan for further therapy or monitoring and know who and how to contact for follow-up appointments or in case of an emergency
  • Depending on your child’s unique case, we may invite you to participate in clinical studies or registries, may recommend genetic studies or psychology evaluation

Common tests that may be necessary

  • Ultrasound
  • Lab work

We look forward to taking care of your child and providing an exceptional experience at Texas Children’s Hospital!