Vannie Cook Children's Clinic

Volunteer at Vannie Cook Children's Clinic

Vannie E. Cook Jr. Children's Cancer and Hematology Clinic volunteers are needed to supplement clinic services in a variety of ways. Volunteers make a difference to children, their families and the clinic staff every day of the year. Volunteers can be individuals or groups and organizations who volunteer on or off-site. On-site volunteers must be 15 or older, attend volunteer orientation and commit to at least 12 hours of volunteer service each month.

Contact us about becoming a volunteer

For additional information about on and off-site volunteer opportunities for you or your company or organization, please contact Yadhira Huerta, LMSW at 956-661-9840 or yyhuerta@texaschildrens.org.

Individual volunteers

Among the many services that the volunteer members happily provide to clinic patients and their families are:

Volunteer in the Arts In Medicine Program

The primary goal of the Arts in Medicine Program is to provide enjoyable, educational and meaningful artistic opportunities to patients and their families. Artistic activities by and for children create opportunities for self-expression, empowerment and development of coping skills. Making music, singing songs, performing dance, producing plays, writing and telling stories, and decorating spaces with visual art enhances the healing environment and treatment experience.

Entertainment and special event volunteers

Volunteers often bring special entertainment to the clinic. Patients may meet a professional athlete, magician or enjoy a live music performance.

Organizations and group volunteers

Members of many organizations volunteer at Vannie E. Cook Jr. Children's Cancer and Hematology Clinic. Because of the flexibility of the group volunteer program, some organizations volunteer only once, some visit annually and others serve every month. Current organizations who volunteer at the clinic and organize special events include high schools, churches, retirement and nursing homes, corporations and professional societies. In addition, some employees of corporations and members of organizations fill a weekly volunteer placement, with group members rotating their assignments.

Off-site volunteer opportunities

Off-site volunteers are also an integral part of the volunteer story. Groups and individuals sew, knit and crochet a variety of items for distribution to our patients. Many host toy drives or donate refreshments to support our toy room or family lounge.