Our Team

Medical Director

Dr. Juan Carlos Bernini is a pediatric hematologist-oncologist located at the Vannie Cook Children's Cancer Clinic. The clinic is located in McAllen, Texas and serves pediatric cancer patients, as well as patients with childhood blood disorders. The clinic provides cancer and blood disorder… read more
Phone: 956-661-9840

Hematology/Oncology Physicians

Dr. Rodrigo Erana is a physician at the Vannie Cook Children's Clinic in McAllen, TX. Dr. Rodrigo Erana is interested in childhood cancer in underdeveloped countries and childhood cancer epidemiology in the hispanic population. Dr. Erana is a member of the Childhood Cancer Epidemiology and… read more
Phone: 956-661-9840

Administrative Director

Stefany Levrier
Phone: 956-661-9840