Vannie Cook Children's Clinic

Family Support at Vannie Cook Clinic

The Psychosocial Program aims to provide psychological and emotional support for the challenges that families face when a child is diagnosed with cancer or a blood disorder.

The diagnosis and treatment of a childhood cancer or blood disorder presents extraordinary psychological, emotional and social challenges to the entire family. Vannie Cook Clinic offers a variety of services to help families adapt and mobilize resources in the battle against these diseases.

At the heart of these services is the personal commitment of every multidisciplinary team member to understand each young patient as a unique individual. Team members also collaborate with parents at each step in the process to be attentive to the quality of life of all family members, including siblings.

Programs that provide psychosocial patient and parent support and education include: 

Social Workers

Health Library

Periwinkle Arts in Medicine Program

Recreational camps

School re-entry support

Family events

Education and learning support programs

and many more.