The primary purpose of the Trauma and Grief Center is to raise the standard of care and increase access to best-practice care among traumatized and bereaved children, adolescents, and their families.

The Trauma and Grief Center adheres to a scientist-practitioner model and has three primary aims:

  • Provide evidence-based assessment and interventions for youth who have experienced traumas and/or losses (Trauma and Grief Clinic)
  • Conduct research on adaptive and maladaptive responses to trauma and loss as well as treatment effectiveness (Trauma and Grief Lab)
  • Provide training and professional education in trauma and grief informed assessment and interventions using best practice teaching methods (Trauma and Grief Training Program)

In addition, the Trauma and Grief Center is launching the Harvey Resiliency and Recovery Program which is dedicated to serving the needs of the many children and families adversely affected by the storm and its aftermath.

Drawing from our leadership in the study of childhood bereavement and grief, we are also raising public awareness of the need for bereavement-informed best practices for bereaved youth and families, including risk screening, assessment, support, and intervention. We know that not every bereaved child is in need of treatment and that some grief reactions are “healthy” in that they serve an important function after a loss. Our goal is to raise awareness about the adaptive side of grief, while also helping to identify bereaved youth who may need a higher level of support.

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Our Team

The work conducted throughout The Trauma and Grief Center at Texas Children’s Hospital would not be possible without our collaborative team of talented and passionate researchers and clinicians who are dedicated to relieving the suffering of traumatized and grieving youth.