Pediatric Transplant Center

<p>Pediatric Transplant Center</p>

Leading the Nation in Pediatric Transplants

Texas Children’s Hospital is home to the No. 1 Pediatric Transplant Center in the United States, regularly performing transplants for children other programs might consider untreatable, including transplants in infants. The Transplant Center treats newborns to young adults from across the country and around the world.

For the past seven years in a row, Texas Children’s has performed more heart, kidney, liver and lung pediatric transplants combined than any other program in the nation, with outcomes that meet or exceed the best in the country.

The depth of skill and service, both within the program and throughout the hospital, enables the team to achieve these results. Texas Children’s staff offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary team approach through all aspects of the transplant process, from initial referral to hospitalization and outpatient management. The Transplant Center team works closely with other specialties, such as radiology and anesthesiology, to surround your family with expertise throughout your transplant journey. With a focus on holistic support — such as transplant-specific dietitians and social workers — your child benefits from dedicated experience and supportive patient resources every step of the way.

In 2022, the program reached a new milestone: completing the 2000th solid organ transplant, highlighting the program’s longstanding history of excellence.

Level I Children’s Surgery Center and Level I Pediatric Trauma Center

Thanks to our long-standing institutional commitment to the highest standards of surgical care, we are proud to share the American College of Surgeons (ACS) recently reverified Texas Children’s Hospital.

Our approach to care Your pediatric Transplant Center

We understand that you want not only the best care possible, but also a partner to guide you every step of the way. You can rest assured that, here, we’re focused on helping your family navigate the transplant process with a unique combination of dedication, experience and expertise.

No. 1 in the United States

>30% of U.S. pediatric lung transplants performed here

2,200+ transplants performed

Specialized Bridge Therapies

Ventricular Assist Devices

We offer a variety of circulatory support devices as a bridge to heart transplant. Since implanting our first VAD in 1985, we’ve become one of the largest, most comprehensive pediatric VAD programs in the world.

Dialysis and pheresis

For children with kidney failure awaiting transplant, supportive care is provided by the Pediatric Dialysis Program, which has expertise in performing acute and chronic hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and plasmapheresis for children of all ages and sizes, from infant to adolescent.

Liver Intensive Care Unit

In addition to top rated Pediatric care, the PICU offers Liver specific providers and uses technology to help improve survival for those awaiting transplant, including ECMO and molecular adsorbent recirculating system (MARS) therapy.

ECMO Mechanical Ventilation

Our lung pre-transplant approach is a hallmark of our lung transplant success. Unlike most other programs, we successfully use specialized mechanical ventilation (called ECMO or ECLS) as a bridge to transplantation with no age limitation.

Research Breakthroughs in infertility research

Through the Texas Children’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine Uterus Transplant Research Program, investigators are studying uterus transplantation as a treatment option for women with absolute uterine factor infertility (AUFI) to help them achieve healthy pregnancies.