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Houston Independent School District (HISD) Community Services School Program At Texas Children’s Hospital

At Texas Children’s Hospital, we believe that maintaining your child’s educational needs is important. When a child is hospitalized, keeping up with schoolwork can provide structure, a distraction from illness, and a focus on a future outside of the hospital.

This program serves Houston Independent School District (HISD) students and out-of-district students from all over the world. Texas Children’s works closely with Houston Independent School District to offer classroom or bedside instruction for children from kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Eligibility requirements for the HISD Hospital School Program

  • Patient is expected to have a hospital stay of 14 or more days at the time the school referral is made
  • Patient must withdraw from their local school to enroll in the program
  • Parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s) must complete all school district registration paperwork
  • Upon discharge, patient will re-enroll in their local school

Enrollment Process

  • Contact our School Coordinator at TXCHSchool@texaschildrens.org
  • Your physician will need to complete a Physician Statement of Medical Information (PSMI) form to confirm the patient is medically cleared for school participation
  • A meeting is scheduled with the HISD hospital teacher to collect academic information and complete the enrollment process.

Information about the HISD Hospital School Program

  • Education is delivered by Texas certified teachers
  • Maintains curriculum continuity, in the four core subject areas (Math, English, Science and Social Studies)
  • Instruction is in a learning lab or at the bedside, depending on medical status
  • Schooling is scheduled around therapies and medical treatments
  • Attend classes Monday through Thursday, one hour of instruction each day
  • The School Program follows the HISD school calendar

Returning to School


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