Areas of Research Cancer and Blood Disorders

Areas of Research in Cancer and Blood Disorders

Oncology Research

As one of the best pediatric cancer centers in the nation, experts in the care of childhood cancer are on the forefront of cutting-edge research and clinical trials.

With nearly 200 physicians and scientists and 1,000 staff, we are one of the largest pediatric hematology-oncology programs in the United States, allowing us access to more resources and the ability to offer our patients some of the best quality pediatric cancer and hematology treatments in the world. In fact, our world-renowned staff have pioneered many of the now standard protocols for treating and curing pediatric cancer and blood disorders.

As a recognized research leader in the fields of pediatric hematology and oncology, we translate breakthrough findings from the laboratory into the clinic.

We are currently conducting over 250 clinical trials – more than the majority of pediatric cancer centers in the nation.

Our Developmental Therapeutics Program has been a leader in the study of novel agents for the treatment of cancer and hematologic disorders. Our vast expertise in the development of new therapeutics means our patients have access to the most advanced and innovative therapies.

Our physicians employ evidence-based guidelines and the most advanced clinical trials in the delivery of hematology and oncology care. For example, recognizing that clinical trials are the standard of care for all children with cancer, every eligible patient is considered for entry on National Cancer Institute-approved clinical trials; approximately 80 percent of our patients are registered in these studies. These treatment studies represent leading-edge therapies in the field to provide the best treatments for children with cancer.

Hematology Research

The Hematology Center is dedicated to the integration of laboratory and clinical research to increase our understanding of blood disorders, and to develop new, more effective therapies for children who suffer from hematologic malignancies.

Renowned for our research and therapies for blood disorders, Texas Children's Hematology Center conducts state-of-the-art clinical and scientific research aimed at understanding, preventing and curing blood diseases. 

Ranked #6 in Cancer

Proud to be ranked one of the best children’s cancer centers in the country by U.S. News & World Report for seven consecutive years.