How do I propose an event to benefit Texas Children's Cancer and Hematology Center?

Throughout the year, special events and fundraisers offer a fun way to make a thoughtful gift.  If you are interested in hosting an event, please complete an Event Proposal Form

Special Event Guidelines

The Texas Children's Hospital Community Fundraising Guidelines have been prepared for individuals, organizations and other groups that would like to hold an event benefiting Texas Children's Hospital. No announcement or publicity of any proposed event may be made until the Office of Philanthropy gives its approval.

  • The Office of Philanthropy has the right to approve those events that represent the Hospital appropriately, uphold our mission and image, offer net proceeds or an acceptable percentage of net revenues to Texas Children's Hospital. The completed Events Proposal Form must be submitted to the Office of Philanthropy at least 30 days in advance of the event for timely consideration.
  • The use of the Texas Children's Hospital logo and name should be used only after the Office of Philanthropy has granted approval. All printed materials and other publicity to be published with the Texas Children's logo or name must be submitted for review and approval by an authorized Office of Philanthropy representative prior to printing and distribution. If approved, the Office of Philanthropy will provide a camera-ready logo. Please do no copy logo from other sources.
  • In naming the event, Texas Children's Hospital should be used as the beneficiary of the net proceeds. For example: (Event Name) benefiting Texas Children's Hospital. Texas Children's Hospital reserves the right to approve any and all co-beneficiaries. In addition, the State of Texas Attorney General's Office allows only two raffles per year to be held in a non-profit's name. Because of this restriction, we ask that you not hold raffles in the name of Texas Children's Hospital. However, silent auctions, live auctions, and door prizes are acceptable.
  • If an organization plans to solicit contributions, sponsorships or in-kind gifts from businesses, the list of potential business sponsors must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Philanthropy prior to approaching such sponsors.
  • Hospital representation may be available for the event; however, the request should be made well in advance of the event. Determination for representation or support will be determined upon availability, date of event and past event success rate.

All net proceeds must be submitted to Texas Children's Hospital within 45 days. Funds should be made payable to 'Texas Children's Cancer and Hematology Center' and mailed to:

Lisa McCoy
Associate Director of Donor Relations
Office of Philanthropy
Texas Children's Cancer and Hematology Center
1102 Bates Ave., Ste. 1570
Houston, TX 77030

Texas Children's Hospital does not release its mailing list to third party organizations. Approval to repeat an event must be requested each year from the Office of Philanthropy.


Please contact Lisa McCoy at 832-822-4725 or lkmccoy@texaschildrens.org