Cancer and Hematology Center

Social Work Services for Patients with Cancer and Blood Disorders

How our social workers can help

Learning that a loved one has cancer can be a challenging time—both emotionally and financially. As a facility that focuses on family-centered medical care, our social workers assist patients and their families in adapting to a chronic illness or extended hospitalization.

Beyond Diagnois

Social workers assist patients and their families with nonmedical and emotional needs. Dedicated social workers are available to provide emotional support to families as their child undergoes treatment. In addition, social workers can assist families in locating community resources and address concerns that may arise for families including financial issues, transportation, lodging, and educational needs. The Ronald McDonald House and several hotels with reduced medical rates are available nearby the medical center and offer free shuttle service to the hospital.

Our social workers are trained specifically about the patient's diagnosis and are also part of the patient's treatment team. All of our social workers are Licensed Master Social Workers (LMSW).

Patients are provided the opportunity to speak with a social worker who can facilitate the optimal utilization of health care services and community resources, such as financial help and work or school issues. Social workers are sensitive to social issues, such as safety concerns or the need to assess the ability to care for the patient away from the hospital. They understand that talking to children about cancer can be difficult for parents, and can help families speak with their children about their cancer diagnosis.

Contact Us

During business hours: Please contact your diagnosis-specific social worker or call our office at 832-822-4564. More information about resources is available at the Appointment Desk (SHARE Desk) in the outpatient clinic on the 14th floor of Wallace Tower.

During non-business hours, weekends or holidays: In addition to the social workers in our clinic, services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by the Social Work Department at Texas Children's Hospital. If you need to speak with a social worker contact the Texas Children's Hospital Page Operator at 832-824-2099 and ask to have the On-Call Social Worker paged.

Patient Resources Help every step of the way

We’re dedicated to supporting you and your family throughout your journey, providing a variety of educational resources to inform and empower you along the way.