Bariatric Surgery Program

What to Expect After Bariatric Surgery

The post-operative course is different for everyone, but patients usually go home the day after surgery. We will see patients at two weeks after surgery to monitor healing, then we will meet again at one month, three months, six months and then annually for the next four years. Bariatric patients may come in at any time during or after those four years with questions or problems – even into adulthood.

Here’s what else patients should expect during recovery:

  • For the first 2 weeks, patients will be on a full liquid diet.
  • Typical weight loss is about a pound a day, and it’s very common for patients to lose 20-30 pounds in the first month.
  • On average, patients will lose about 30-32% of their BMI or 70-75% of their excess body weight by the end of the first year.
  • Any concerns with excess skin will be assessed after two years once the weight has stabilized, however the majority of patients do not require any additional surgery.